Roof Cleaning Experts with Pressure Washing Techniques Before & AfterIf you’ve ever owned a home then you most likely know replacing or even repairing a roof is very expensive but your roof is a very important part of your home. Keiths Pressure Washing can help with our exceptional roof cleaning services in the Chattanooga and North Georgia area! A good, clean roof will actually reflect sunlight and improve energy costs, along with covering your home and preventing leaks from rain and storms. However, what happens is mildew, moss, mold and more start to cover your roof and at this point the roof has already lost the ability to protect itself and no longer can reflect the sunlight as well which causes your roof to get hotter and hotter. Also these organisms are feeding off your shingles which can cause them to deteriorate and even cause wood rot! So how can you help your roof last its longest and add tremendous curb appeal to your home?


Just like with our house washing we never use any pressure on your roof, if a company has or ever does use pressure then they are DAMAGING your roof! Instead we use the same pressure of your garden hose or even a rainy day to apply our roof safe, biodegradable, cleaning mix to each shingle and then rinse. This leaves your roof looking at its best, for longer!

We are proud to offer our customers this service to help one of their homes biggest investments, last its longest. Take advantage of a clean, spotless roof by scheduling your free roof cleaning estimate today!

Pressure Washing Service Area

Our Pressure Washing Company Is Located in Chattanooga, and Proudly Serves These Nearby Communities:


  • Ringgold
  • Dalton
  • Rocky Face
  • Lafayette
  • Rock Spring
  • Chickamauga
  • Fort Oglethorpe
  • Rossville